I have nu skin pharmanex lifepak for my health every day. I think it is good for health like R2.

I didn't have any supplements for my health in the past. But these days, I decided to make me health for happy life. One of my friends recommended it. I think drinking water, work out and also taking supplements is very important for our health.

It is very convenient for eating every day. I take it into my bag and eat it every day. I love it so much.

It was not easy for me to sign up for Nu skin website. But I had to sign up for Nu skin to order all Nu ski n products I really like. One of my friends introduced his friend who work for Nu skin. He had his own Nu skin online shopping mall. So, I signed up for Nu skin through the website to order all kinds of Nu skin products as a wholesale price. So, now  I share the information how to sign up for Nu skin and be a distributor.

[How  to sign up for Nu skin]

1. Go to www.ibuynuskin.com

2. Click the country you live in.

3. You can go to "Join our team".

4. Type your information for signing up.

5. Login if you want to order products.

* You have to sign up as a distributor for a wholesale price when ordering products.

If you have any questions, email him. He is really kind and well-versed in Nu skin.

* Email : ibuynuskin@gmail.com

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